• Hackers break into Las Vegas casino network, cause absolute chaos

    We’ve heard a number of Las Vegas crime stories over the last couple years. Most recently, there was a shooting right on the floor of the Rio. That’s the same Rio that plays host to the World Series of Poker year after year. It made the news – and made players very nervous. We’ve also […]

  • The Death of the Taj Mahal Casino

    A graveyard… that is how Olivia Nuzzi, writer for The Daily Beast online periodical, describes the appearance of Atlantic City today. A funeral parlor near to the Taj Mahal helps to emphasize it and foreshadows the imminent “death” of this luxurious casino and resort. The Trump Taj Mahal is to be the fifth casino in […]

  • The Naughty List: Christmas Arrival

    We all know how the Christmas carol goes, “He’s making a list and checking it twice making sure who is naughty or nice.” Well, it goes something like that anyway. But who says you have to be nice and be on Santa’s Nice List to receive rewards this holiday season? It turns out good Ol’ […]


  • The magic of Vegas Three Card Rummy

    Love casino card games? Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino War aren’t the only games in town. At Silver Oak Casino, and at casinos that dot Las Vegas Boulevard, a little game called Vegas Three Card Rummy is captivating minds and crowning winners. Some call it insanely addictive. We call it the most magical casino card game […]

  • Best Games to Escape Black Friday

    November is coming to a close, and we all know what that means. Thanksgiving is here, and it is time to enjoy that delicious feast. Moreover, the end of the fiscal year is upon us; of course, this can be a great time to jump on all those huge sales, promotions, and discounts. There does […]

  • US Navy Admiral caught with counterfeit casino chips

    If you use a counterfeit chip during a poker game, are you guilty of counterfeiting chips? That’s the question being raised after a member of the US Navy has been accused of being involved in the production of fake casino chips. Rear Admiral Timothy M. Giardina was fired last year as the No. 2 commander […]

  • Getting Acquainted with Las Vegas 3-Card Rummy

    Some casino games spawn from traditional family card games. There are many ways to vary card games. The more creative you get with the varying, the more interesting the game can be. One of these innovative and exciting games is Las Vegas 3-Card Rummy. It may seem a little odd to see a game like […]

  • Top Manly Slots of Sliver Oak

    Slot games come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and hues. Silver Oak has such a long list of electrifying slot games that sometimes it may be difficult to choose which slot game to play. In terms of appeal, slot games here at Silver Oak have a wide array of attractiveness for every possible fondness that […]