• No Work and All Play: Throw a Labor Day Casino Party!

    Want to kick up your Labor Day’s BBQ up a few notches? Why not transform it into a glitzy casino party to celebrate a year’s worth of hard work! Let’s be honest here, you deserve it! Why? Because I know that you love gambling and you deserve some down time with your friends and family, […]

  • Former Maryland Live Casino employee accused of stealing high roller l...

    I’ve heard of casino heists, but this is just ridiculous. A Maryland woman who happened to work at Maryland Live Casino has been accused of stealing from her former employer. But we’re not talking about casino chips or cash. We’re talking about stealing people. Helena Wong, a former VIP host at the Hanover casino, worked […]

  • Hey Poker Bots! Do Not Count Humans Out Yet!

    Take that Skynet! Against all odds, human trickery proves superior opposed to artificial intelligence. At least for now, human poker players can rest assure that they are still the best poker players to ever play the game. No, I have not lost my mind and this is not a gag article. Believe it or not […]


  • Peril Down Under: Australia’s Most Dangerous Casino

    When you go to a casino, you want to relax and be able to play without any care in the world. You are gambling, having some drinks, eating good food and meeting new people; the last thing you want to worry about is your personal safety. Although the majority of casinos in the US can […]

  • Has Ontario decided against online gambling?

    If you’ve been following along with the online gambling situation in Canada, you know that the landscape north of the 49th parallel is a lot more player-friendly. Not only do online casinos operate out of there, including Amaya Gaming, which recently purchased PokerStars (they continue to operate in Canada, for the record). But Canadians have […]

  • Cheers! Silver Oak’s Happy Hour means more cash in your pocket

    There’s nothing better than 5pm on a Monday, except of course 5pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. See what I’m getting at here? Work is exhausting and nothing takes the edge off more than heading out to the bar after work with colleagues and friends. Making it extra special? The half-price food and […]

  • Donald Trump sues Atlantic City casinos that bear his name

    Well color me shocked. Over the last few years, whenever I’ve spent a few days in Atlantic City, I’ve always played at the two Trump casinos on the Boardwalk. There’s Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino and Trump Taj Mahal. I’ve even shouted “You’re Fired” at a couple Blackjack dealers when they took all my money […]

  • 10 Reasons to Play Slots Online. (Part 2 of 2)

    Playing slots in a real life casino can be great fun; you can enjoy the ambiance, have some drinks and talk to a variety of people you normally would not come across with. It could even make you wonder what the purpose of online slots is. Right? Wrong. The truth is quite different from what […]