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  • Judge rules that Phil Ivey cheated UK casino

    Phil Ivey has been out-bluffed, but this time not by a poker player. A judge presiding over Ivey’s lawsuit against a London, England casino in which Ivey claims that the casino has withheld his $12.4 million in winnings has said that Ivey did cheat the casino and the property owes him nothing. If you’re new […]

  • The Most Haunted Places in Las Vegas

    As Halloween draws closer and closer, that peculiar urge for a good, genuine scare begins to tickle people’s curiosity and impulses. Sure, the traditional “haunted houses” and more visited locations can be entertaining, but sometimes these places do not bring you the real, bone-chilling, skin-crawling feeling some might desire. So, for those who want to […]

  • This week’s land-based casino news digest

    At Silver Oak Casino, we’re all about winning online. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like the live experience. As great as Internet casino games are, it doesn’t replace the real-world experience, which is why many people who play online play at land-based casinos too. We like to keep our readers up to date on […]


  • My favorite Las Vegas books of all time

    There are hundreds of stories about Las Vegas, so many that you’d expect every novel to be about gambling, showgirls, and people trying to cheat the house. There are loads of books like that, but those aren’t the ones that interest me. I make it a habit to read a lot of books about Sin […]

  • Casino Games for Couples

    Sometimes couples tend to fall into the routines of life, and things within their relationship may start to fizzle or cool down. Instead of going to counseling sessions for couples or worse, couples can look to games as an option for spicing up or even rekindling altogether a relationship that is worth saving. Hundreds of […]

  • Gambling in Famous Literary Works

    Since the existence of the concept of possessions, concept of money, or valuable currency of any kind, society has instilled the notion that the more you have, the higher one’s level in society. This, on a more positive side, has provided many artists, especially authors, with a “gold-mine” for material. Victorian society developed many authors […]

  • Gordon Ramsay brings legendary dining experience to Atlantic City

    For many following Atlantic City news, and certainly for those living in Atlantic City, the four casino closings are a bit of a nightmare. But it turns out that’s not the case for the host of Kitchen Nightmares. Some deliciously good news out of New Jersey this week as Gordon Ramsey, the legendary chef and […]

  • The best casino games for meeting people

    Love making new friends? Looking to pick up? Your local casino is a great place to start. Casinos tend to be incredibly social – assuming you know which games to play. If you park yourself in front of a slot machine, there’s a good chance the only friends you’ll be making is the cocktail waitress […]