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The Future of How We Watch Hockey

A lot has changed in the world of broadcast sports television over the years. Decades ago, when the first televised NHL broadcast hit the airwaves in Canada, fans gathered around their black/white one-tv-per-household (average) television sets to see a Nationally telecast game one night a week. It was a way […]

A roulette strategy that ensures winning every time

If you are keen on having fun at the casino and making big money at the same time, there is nowhere else you might find this combination other than hitting the roulette table. Roulette is a favorite of both amateur and professional players due to its high risk and high […]

Five Amazing Craps Strategies Every Player Must Live By

Pulling up at the craps table, especially for a beginner, can be a daunting experience.  Trying to decipher all the different bets and what they mean is one thing.  Turning that knowledge into a profit is another.  As with any gambling, it’s important to understand the balancing act that exists […]

The Sandler Stats – Crushing the Box Office

Adam Sandler has been making Blockbuster movies for nearly two decades. Along the way he’s faced his share of criticism yet continually proves that his films keep fans coming back for more. With his new movie set to open Friday June 15th, we decided to look at the catalogue of […]

A look at how the Host Nations do at the UEFA Euro Finals and the Worl...

This year’s UEFA Euro 2012, which begins Friday June 8th, will be co-hosted by Poland and the Ukraine. Both countries will be hosting the competition for the first time. Fans will visit from all corners of the globe as these two nations will be center stage until a champion is […]

Don’t Bet on Teams who Just Won in Seven…Unless

For fans, playoff series’ that go to 7 games are awesome. The anticipation before the game begins yields to a drama and intensity that is so rarely matched in other spectrums of daily life. People are drawn to them even when their team isn’t involved. We just love seeing how […]

Great Playoff Series Comebacks: Draining or Momentum Building?

We all love a great comeback story and witnessing seemingly impossible sequences of events unfold before our eyes. In sports, nothing is more against the odds than coming back in a best of 7 series when trailing three games to none. The numbers don’t lie. In more than a century […]

How Valuable is the Best 6th Man in the League?

Being a starter on a basketball team has its perks. You generally get more playing time, you’re regarded as one of the key players on your team, your coach trusts you to help get your team off to a good start, and, if you’re a pro, you get your name […]

Constructing a Stanley Cup Champion in the Salary Cap Era

Since the lockout in 2004-05 the NHL has seen a lot of change. While attendance and television ratings have risen, the salary cap, which was introduced to control spending and balance opportunity,  has also steadily increased each year. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) set to expire this fall we […]

March Madness – A Bracket Breakdown From Round to Round

As seen on The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship is arguably one of the most exciting tournaments in all of sports and certainly the pinnacle of collegiate level competition. Every year around the middle of March, 64 teams (recently adjusted to 68 which includes a “First Four” play-in round), […]

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