Throughout history there have been some remarkable frauds in the casino and gambling world. Some stories can blow your mind as you begin to understand the minds of the creators of the perfect casino scam, you will also hear about some others who were not as successful.

Some stories are as simple as when, in 1992, a cashier at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas deceived the security guards by packing his rucksack with $500,000 in cash and walked away to never be seen again.

However, there are other stories that make a stronger impression. Back in the 1970s two physics graduates from University of California created a method that involved their shoes and computers. One of them would wear a custom made “techno-shoe” and stand close to the roulette wheel so that his shoe would interfere with the spin and simultaneously “read” the wheel’s response.

The second player had access to this information in his own shoe and would place an appropriate bet. Both participants suffered electrical shocks and found burned socks at the end of the day but they managed to enjoy 140% roulette profits for months until they got caught.

Sometimes casino frauds need an insider to help them happen. This is what went on at the Caesars Palace in South Africa in 1999 when a blackjack dealer allowed players to mark some cards so that they could play flawless blackjack. The fraud was reported by an observer who noticed that the high cards were marked and the greedy dealer was sent to prison along with his friends.

Luckily for casino owners, nowadays the casino frauds do not compare to what some innovative souls used to do. In the last years we have seen how information “accidentally” leaked out of Absolute Poker and a player managed to get restricted information on other players and make a lot of money. However, this scam only worked for a while and the cheaters were caught.

Another favorite for the worst casino frauds is (former?) poker pro Sorel Mizzi, who loves to create multiple account on online gambling sites and always ends up getting caught because he does not take any precautions and seems to tell everyone about it.