It’s common for people to get lucky playing at online casinos or even land-based ones, but it’s not every day that a casino hands you a win without forcing you to play a single hand or spin a single slot machine. And it’s even more insane when a casino hands out money to players who aren’t even in the casino.

But that’s what happened in Scranton, Pennsylvania when Wal-Mart shoppers were shocked to discover that their layaway orders had been completely paid for by a local casino.

The layaway department lets shoppers hold their purchases for a small down payment. Many people use it during the holiday shopping season so that they can save up enough money for their Christmas gifts.

Mount Airy Casino Resort handed Wal-Mart a $5,000 donation and asked them to pay for layaway orders for various customers. As a result many shoppers who had fallen on hard times found themselves with a lot of extra money to create a happier Christmas for their family.

This isn’t the first time Mount Airy Casino made a donation. For Thanksgiving, the resort casino donated 500 turkeys to the Salvation Army.

The story is touching, but not uncommon for the casino industry. Last month, Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara, both located in Canada, together donated $215,000 to the United Way. And also last month, Eagle Mountain casino in Porterville, California donated $7,500 to a charity that supports United States veterans.

Not all casinos make the donations themselves. Many act as a conduit for donations, facilitating donations by making it easy to give to charity. The Downs Racetrack & Casino in New Mexico is currently holding a coat and toy drive. Patrons are invited to donate coats and unwrapped toys onsite.

At Silver Oak Casino, we hold various charity initiatives throughout the year on a corporate level. We’re thrilled to see the land-based community giving back to the community and really helping the world, especially during the holiday season. This is the true spirit of Christmas and we hope many casinos will continue to extend their generosity throughout 2015.


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.