I’ve heard of casino heists, but this is just ridiculous. A Maryland woman who happened to work at Maryland Live Casino has been accused of stealing from her former employer.

But we’re not talking about casino chips or cash. We’re talking about stealing people. Helena Wong, a former VIP host at the Hanover casino, worked exclusively with high rollers. Before taking a job with rival Horseshow Casino in Baltimore, it is alleged that she copied a list of its 1,000 high roller customers.

Maryland Live has filed a lawsuit and this heated competition looks like a sign of things to come. With two casinos vying for business in a relatively small area, competition between the two brands will only get more intense.

Competition between the two brands is nothing new. Last year right after Maryland Live opened a 52-table poker room, its rival announced that Horseshoe would be a new stop on the WSOP circuit. Then, when Horseshoe announced it would have $500-per-spin slot machines, Maryland Live fought back with a $1 million jackpot slot machine.

The lawsuit against Wong comes after high roller clients complained to they were receiving solicitations to come play at the new Horseshoe Casino property.

At Silver Oak Casino, we take list stealing really seriously. We value all our players, high rollers and free players. So we make sure our list is completely guarded and only accessible by a few people with the right clearance.

However, we also recognize that a big part of the VIP experience is the relationship our clients have with their VIP host. If a VIP host leaves for a competitor, it’s not uncommon for high rollers to follow them. With that said, we believe the high roller should not be solicited for business, especially by utilizing a stolen list.

Wong hasn’t yet seen the lawsuit so we’re not clear if or how she’ll defend herself. But no matter what happens, I’m confident future casino employees will think twice before trying to gain new clients in a questionable way.


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.