I remember when the only way to get some wagering done was to drive for hours to a brick and mortar casino, take out gigantic amounts of cash from the ATM, dress-up nice, spend tons of money on tips and drinks and wait in line for neverending amounts of time. All of that changed as the online gaming industry was developed and it was a relief for a lot of gamblers to be able to do their favorite activity from home.

The world seems to continue to move faster than I can keep track of and now I can also say that I remember whrn online gambling used to require that you had a computer and an Internet connection in your house, or at least easy access to it, in order to give a player the joy of partaking in the gambling activities comfortably. However, that is a thing of the past and software developers have come up with new and better ways to make online gambling reach every corner of the world.

Online casino software providers started developing online gaming software for smart phones such as iPhones and Blackberries. This was a great step but it limited the availability of online gambling services to the population using those types of phones.

Though as technology keeps progressing at a faster than the blink of an eye pace, online gaming software providers are starting to launch gambling applications for Androids and who knows what will follow.

The great news is that online gaming has been made available to a broader audience and you can now gamble while you are stuck in traffic, while you wait at the airport, on the line to buy food, in short you can now gamble wherever you want because it is just as easy as pickung up a phone call.