Casino players often turn to luck rituals to increase their luck at the casinos. Most players say this is done because they realize that winning the jackpot is purely a matter of luck and that it is not illegal nor forbidden to have a luck ritual.
Amongst the most common luck rituals for casino players are carrying a lucky charm. Often, you will see casino players holding a rabbit foot at the table and carrying around som other not-so-obvious lucky charms.

Sometimes they show them and sometimes they keep them hidden or use them to protect their cards on the table so that the purpose of the lucky charm is less obvious. Another common luck ritual is to toss a few coins into a body of water that is close to the casino and wish for luck.

Other players like to have a certain meal before they head to the casino, they wear specific jewelry and/or clothes that, they believe, bring them luck. A famous poker player, Daniel Negreanu, says that he only eats meals that his mom cooks for him at big tournaments because it brings him luck.

Another thing players do, depending on their culture and background, is pray and carry religious symbols. You often see casino players carry crosses, rosary beads, wearing t-shirts with strong religious images, and even praying out loud for a little luck.

A very strange luck ritual that can be seen is to “court” the machine. Players can be seen kissing the slots machine, cleaning them, talking to them as if the machine was able to feel and respond to stimulus from the outside. There players hope that if they are nice to the machine, the machine will be nice in return and allow them to hit the jackpot or at least make some good winnings.

Sometimes players get very intense and take the luck rituals too seriously, some of them have certain manias such as hitting the deal button once when they win and the bet button five times when they lose. Other casino players who seem to be even more intense have stated that they believe they are able to hypnotize the machines to their favor by removing and reinserting the slot cards as they play to make the machine “believe” that a new player is playing.