At Silver Oak Casino, we’re all about winning online. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like the live experience. As great as Internet casino games are, it doesn’t replace the real-world experience, which is why many people who play online play at land-based casinos too.

We like to keep our readers up to date on what’s happening in the land-based world. So here’s your look at casino news this week from around the country.

Donald Trump’s name coming off Trump Plaza Casino in New Jersey

A few months ago, Donald Trump sued Trump Entertainment Resorts, the company that owns Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza Casino, asking them to remove his name. He argued that the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza were a disgrace to his name since the properties were in such shambles, and since he has no ties to them.

Today, The Donald got his wish. The letters started to come off the building, though the process could take a few weeks. But it could be too little too late. Trump Plaza closed its doors in September and Trump Taj Mahal is expected to close on November 13th. Still, Donald must be thrilled to tell that signage, “You’re Fired!”

Sheldon Anderson targets another vice

It seems the Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas casino magnate that has money coming out of his you know what, doesn’t like any vice whatsoever. Already famous for being a staunch opponent of online casinos and online poker sites, Adelson is now shifting his focus to marijuana.

And not just any kind of marijuana. We’re talking about medical marijuana. There’s a proposed constitutional amendment on the table to would legalize medical marijuana in Florida, but Adelson will have none of that. He’s donated another $1.5 million to a political committee that stands against the proposal. That’s on top of an earlier donation. To date, his contributions jump up to $4.7 million. Maybe his shift in focus means that he’ll have less money to donate to anti-online casino legislation.

Former Revel Casino employees might not get their jobs back

When Revel Casino closed its doors in New Jersey last month, it put 3,100 people out of a job. With last week’s announcement that the property is being bought by Brookfield, which plans to reopen the property as a casino, there was good reason for hope that unemployment levels would soon drop.

But the company that bought the property isn’t commenting on whether former employees would be offered their jobs back. While some people are nervous about this, at the end of the day a fully-operational casino would need people to operate it. Sure, maybe the casino resort will require fewer staff. And maybe some people would be fired from other casinos that have closed. But at the end of the day, the new Revel (or whatever it’s called) will need to draw from an Atlantic City talent pool.

We’ll be keeping an eye on all land-based news coming out of New Jersey and around the world. So bookmark Silver Oak Casino and stay up to date on the latest casino happenings.


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