In video poker you are pretty much trying to get the same result as in real poker, but by spinning the reels in a machine. even though the dynamics of the game are different, the odds do not difer so much from poker. This is because when you have a poker hand that is five cards you need to figure out your chances of getting the winning hand, and you need to do the same in video poker based on a 52 card deck.

The table below gives you a list of the probabilities of each hand in video poker, it is very handy to keep your mind on realistic goals and know where you stand in terms of getting the winning hand.

The way in which you need to look at this chart is that first, there are different pairs. Then, there is the number of different combinations that can be found on those hands. Finally, you can see the probability of the hand coming up. Consider that these can be altered depending on the casino you are playing at

Poker Hand                       Nbr. of Hands     Probability
5 of a kind                                            0      0.00000000
Royal straight flush                              4      0.00000154
Other straight flush                            36      0.00001385
4 of a kind                                        624      0.00024010
Full House                                     3,744      0.00144058
Flush                                              5,108      0.00196540
Ace high straight                           1,020      0.00039246
Other straights                               9,180      0.00353218
3 of a kind                                   54,912      0.02112845
2 pairs                                        123,552      0.04753902
One pair >= Jacks                      337,920      0.13002124
One pair <= Tens                       760,320      0.29254779
Ace high                                     502,860      0.19348509
King high                                   335,580      0.12912088
Queen high                                 213,180      0.08202512
Jack high                                    127,500      0.04905808
Ten high                                       70,380      0.02708006
Nine high                                     34,680      0.01334380
Eight high                                     14,280      0.00549451
Seven high                                      4,080      0.00156986

I hope this table helps you improve your video poker strategy a little more. In future posts I will try to discuss some other factors that can put you on the winning side of the video poker equation.