Once again, technology developers have found a way to take mobile gaming to a completely new level. There are already new apps being brought up to the realm on a regular basis, and at this time it seems like everything is possible because those geniuses can make it happen. The new innovator to step up to the field is Sony with their newest creation: The Playstation Phone.

The phone was presented to the world last week and some of the features that stood out were the slide-out section in which a keypad for a video game controller waits for you. Sony Ericsson is going to be the manufacturer and the rumor is that the phone will run on Android 3.0.

If this is true then all of us will be able to download our favorite casino’s software to the screen from the Android Marketplace as Google has began allowing online casino operators to offer games on the Android platform. The controller keypad will add a lot to the mobile gaming experience and I cannot wait to see the features that developers will combine it with, in addition to the high quality resolution of the phone.

I do not think that a communications device has put so much focus on gaming ever before, and this is the first step into what I hope will be a new fever that communication developers will catch from now on. We will be hearing more about this phone soon as it is expected to be released in 2011.

I hope you all had a great weekend and wish you a great start of the week. Good luck at the tables and in your daily endeavors.