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Use the Andrucci Roulette System to Beat the Casino

You may have heard of people using roulette systems to win big at the casino.  What are these systems?  How do you use them?  Do they work? Ever since roulette hit the gambling scene over 100 years ago, mathematicians, scientists, and degenerate gamblers alike have been developing systems in an […]

How To Play Roulette: Roulette Wheel Layout

First time roulette players oftentimes assume that the numbers on the roulette wheel simply go in sequence from 0 to 36.  In fact, the numbers are aligned in a seemingly random order around the wheel, and the sequence is different depending on whether you are playing European or American Roulette. […]

Online Roulette Strategy

Roulette has been a casino favorite for over 200 years but all of the action of this popular table game is now conveniently available in your home via the internet.  Besides the convenience of having real roulette games at your fingertips, learning all about the game (and how to win) […]

Video Poker Cheat Sheet: Joker Poker

What’s the difference between playing Joker Poker with perfect strategy and playing Joker Poker with your “gut”?  $93 plus a 4 course steak dinner. Allow me to explain… The Video Poker Bet I have a friend who is a professional poker player.  Let’s call him “Jimmy”.  I’m not exactly sure […]

Deuces Wild Strategy Cheat Sheet

Due to the popularity of our jacks or better video poker strategy card, we decided that our readers would love this one as well: the Deuces Wild Video Poker Cheat Sheet. Since all of the video poker games have a unique set of rules, the best strategy to use for […]

The Ultimate Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy Card

Jacks or Better Cheat Sheet Have you ever been playing video poker and wondered “should I keep this flush or take the risk and go for the straight flush?”  This Jacks or Better strategy card will be your new best friend. Download The Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy Card […]

Online Slots Vs. Online Video Poker

When I first started playing online casino games, it was tough to decide where to start.  For example, I had a good idea what a slot machine was, and a general idea of what video poker was all about, but couldn’t decide which one was for me. After many MANY […]

Double Your Video Poker Winnings?

If you have ever played video poker before at Silver Oak Casino you may have noticed that some of the games offer a “Double or Nothing” feature.  Doubling your winnings sounds like a great deal, but what if you lose?  Are you being tricked or bamboozled in some way?  What […]

Game Review – Penguin Power

Have you ever noticed how many online slot machines are all about big, bad-ass animals? There’s Tiger Treasures, Lion’s Lair, T-Rex…and Penguin Power. At first glance, one of these things may seem a little out of place, but have you ever seen a penguin get angry? Pretty scary stuff, especially […]

Online Slots Strategy: Maximize Slots Play Time

Sometimes after a hard day at work, the best way to kick back and relax is to play a few hours of online slots.  It’s easy, I don’t have to think, and unlike watching the most recent episode of American Idol, I might actually win enough money to make Simon […]

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