Hockey fans support their teams with passion and loyalty. The start of each new season brings with it hope and optimism. We presume that young players will improve with age, the coache’s new lines will find immediate chemistry, and everyone on the roster will have no problems for 82 games. It’s naive but we keep our fingers crossed and go with it.

A fresh season also brings with it another year of fantasy hockey and the chance to show your peers how savvy your G.M.’ing skills truly are.
Just as your favourite “real” team’s performance hinges on the health of its top players, so too does the success of your fantasy team.

In this infographic we take a look at the upcoming 2011-12 fantasy hockey season and breakdown which top end players are injury prone and are risky to draft.

Drafting elite players in early rounds of fantasy drafts is imperative. It constitutes the core of your lineup and the bulk of your points but how often do we curse the hockey Gods when these players go down with mid-season injuries?

Staring with the Atlantic division we take a look at key players on each team who were injured and missed games in the 2010-11 season and who may carry some bumps and bruises into this upcoming year.

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