Former “Dancing With the Stars” alum, Aaron Carter has recently entered a private Southern California rehabilitation facility earlier this month.

Carter, 23, is the brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. It has been reported that the singer is taking some time off from working on resurrecting his music career “to heal some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with,” his manager Johnny Wright says in a statement.

Carter has recently been working on a brand new musical album and a show in Florida. Wright explained in a statement, “Aaron, understanding the challenges and hard work it would take to get himself back to the top, requested to take some time before we started to heal some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with.”

He added, “Therefore he has chosen to enter a facility where he feels he will get the guidance and cleansing he needs that will help him on the music journey he’s about to take. He asks that everyone keep him in their prayers and that they respect his privacy at this time.”

The statement does not fully describe what Carter intended to enter rehab for, but according to various sources he entered the facility for “addiction issues.”

An insider close to Carter explained, “He’s in a great place. He was struggling a bit so needed to go someplace to get some help.”

Aaron became famous as a tween pop star in the late nineties and dated fellow tween sensations, Hilary Duff and fellow rehab-er Lindsay Lohan.

He last appeared in the headlines back in December after a reported overdose. His manager cleared up rumors explaining, “Aaron Carter is alive and well at my compound in Orlando.”

Mmmm, compound? We certainly hope the poor kid is alright and rehab and the reported overdose didn’t have to with him entering rehab!

Back in 2006, Carter famously starred in the E! reality show House of Carters along with the rest of his family. Later that year, Carter entered VH1’s Celebrity Rehab 2 and was treated for substance abuse on the show. Two years later, Carter was arrested in Texas for investigation of marijuana possession, and in 2009 it was revealed he owed more $1 million in back taxes.

Another one bites tastes the dust?…