Casinos receive all kind of people on a daily basis, which mean that casino staff usually has to learn to deal with a variety of customers and keep them happy while not breaking the rules of the establishments. Most customers are actually quite a pleasure to host and help; unfortunately, there are some that are quite annoying or exasperating. Those are the times when the best of the best just put on a brave smile and fortify themselves with serenity. It’s no secret, to work in any service industry; you need to be patient, like, extremely, patient.

This is why these casino employees should win a medal for keeping so cool under fire because, with irrational customers like these, any regular person would have been justified to thrown in the towel (I actually would have thrown it to them!)

Banking or Bonkers?

A client comes up to the cash register at the casino. The teller asks how can he help and he immediately responds: “I want to take out a loan.” Puzzled, the cashier asks him again to explain in which way he can be of service the customer retorts: “I want to take out a big loan so I can play and maybe buy a car.” The clerk patiently explains to the customer that the casino is not a bank and that they do not lend money.

At this moment, the guest just loses it:

“This can’t be. I know your company has loads of money. I want to borrow some. I will pay the tax or whatever. This is bulls***! Money is money. What’s the difference if I borrow here or at the bank? I will pay it back. So what difference does it make? Don’t argue with me!”

While pressing the security button under the desk, the clerk manages to put a calm smile on her face and says: “A gentleman will be here in a second to work things out with you and your loan. Good day!”

Gambling 101

Sometimes, game rules can be kind of tricky and hard to understand, we get that. But, when you come to play at a casino, you would expect people to actually know what a casino is. Well, apparently, not so much. A very easygoing dealer shares his story of a run in with a very clueless client. A woman sits at a blackjack table. She does not put an ante up, so the dealer does not deal her in. when she realizes the game has started without her, she asks why she wasn’t let in. The dealer apologizes and assures her she will be in the next game.

When the next round starts, the dealer instructs her to put her bet in. he taps the box and asks her: “You comin’ in?” She nods but does not put up her bet. Good-naturedly, the dealer informs her that it is a $15 table. That moment, her eyes become wide open and she asks: “I have to pay to play?”

The dealer explains to her that she has to put up $15 but if she wins, she gets $30. Untrusting, she asks “What happens if I don’t win?” The dealer says that, at that point, the casino takes the ante. Shocked, she responds: “That’s stealing!” Coolly, the dealer just replies: “No, that’s gambling.”

The (Not-So-Puzzling) Case of the Missing $20

This story comes from a slot technician. While fixing some machines on the floor, an angry player approaches him and tells him that a slot machine has stolen her $20: “This game stole my $20! You gimme $20!” The man calms her down and walks with her to the machine and starts checking it out. The machine log specifically says that a $20 bill was inserted but it was immediately cashed out with no games played. He explains it to her and she becomes infuriated: “No! It stole it! Gimme my $20!” The clerk decides to call a supervisor and explain the situation to him. The supervisor takes one look at the customer and thanks the clerk. He walks up to her and tells her, again, that she already cashed her money. The fuming client does not seem to be backing down, but the supervisor coldly says: “Ma’am, I’m not giving you $20.” The client storms off the building fussing and cussing. Apparently, she had tried to pull that stunt three other times that night with no effect, talk about (dumb) persistence!

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Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.