The cat is out of the bag and our beloved pop singer is expecting her first baby with rapper husband Jay-Z.   A source tells US Weekly that Beyonce and Jay-Z were reportedly surprised by the pregnancy, which wasn’t planned, but are both ecstatic about the news.  Beyonce, 29, believes that the baby is “a gift from God”.  Sportsbooks are already running lines on which magazine will get the first glimpse of a Beyonce baby bump (never mind first pics of the newborn or news on the gender, name ideas, etc.)   Knowing that Beyonce and Jay-Z are pretty generous with the press, we wonder how protective they’ll be now when the stakes are a bit higher…

Work and Play?

While sources close to the couple say that while Beyonce wasn’t quite ready to have kids, that she wanted to continue working on her career, she can rest assured knowing that many a pop-star has snuck a kid or few while not missing a beat (think Madonna, Gwen Stefani, new-mommy Alicia Keys, and more).  The rule of thumb seems to be – if you’re not crazy (i.e., Brittany) you can probably carry off having a career and a baby.  We’ll see down the road if Beyonce will choose to slow down her roll for a bit (maybe nix the world tour or postpone it for a bit).  Also, let’s not forget that Beyonce has a very close relationship with her mother Tina, who will no-doubt be a very big part of this baby’s life.  In a nutshell – the girl’s got options!

We’re willing to be that this kid will be super-talented (if only they can inherit their daddy’s beats and their mommy’s voice)…  It’ll be interesting to see if they will be as pushy as Beyonce’s mom was – is this a child star in the making?

Dad’s Clock Might Be Tickin’

Given the fact that Jay-Z is already 40 and allegedly (at least) not a father, one has to wonder if perhaps he’s feeling the pressure more than his lovely wife?  There have been some reports that maybe Jay-Z has fathered some kids that he’s managed to keep secret, but from what the world can tell – he’s probably looking for a little (super-talented) critter to call his own.  So far he’s kept a low profile about their bun-in-the-oven.  Regardless of who might be more ready than the other, we’re happy to see a Hollywood couple who’s managed to maintain a normal loving relationship despite the paparazzi and who are moving forward together expanding their family. From everyone at Silver Oak Casino – Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z!

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