Charlie Sheen is living up to his title of Hollywood bad boy.

According to various reports, Sheen chose to go west coast this time, and had himself a scandalous few days in Las Vegas. The Two and a Half star has embarked on yet another “epic bender.”

Sheen, 45, was spotted knocking back shots of Grey Goose vodka next to three lady friends during an outing at The Palms hotel on Monday. Sheen reportedly holed up in the $40,000-per-night Hugh Hefner Sky
Villa inside the Palms’s fantasy tower.


The three lady pals are all reportedly porn stars, including his main squeeze 23-year-old Bree Olson. All three were said in Sin City for the Adult Video News Awards. We sincerely hope that none of these
ladies are holed up in a bathroom.

Maybe the other two are just friends because Sheen is reportedly crushing on Olson. He reportedly spent the New Year with Olson in her hometown in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Moving on, according to a snoopy bystander, when Sheen hit the bar on Monday morning, he opened up and started to complain to his new bar friends that CBS executives have been urging him to enter a rehabilitation facility– While knokin’ back a few shots.

Sheen’s latest bar stunt sadly, isn’t shocking to one insider who reveals that Sheen hired and ditched his sober coach. The sober coach was hired after Sheen completely trashed  a swank New York City hotel
during his now infamous October escapades.

“The sober coach never went back to work for Charlie,” explained the insider. “He has not heard from Charlie since he told him not to start New Year’s day!”

Another Sheen source said, “Charlie is partying hard. This looks like New York all over again.”

It appears as though Sheen either doesn’t want to deal with issues, or doesn’t think he has any issues. His inner circle has been very vocal about their concern for his health and well being.

Sheen is reportedly on a private jet heading to Los Angeles. He is due on the ‘Two and a half men’ set at 10:00am PST.

Oh Charlie, what a train wreck.