Country singer Keith Urban really opened up on his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday about his past substance abuse problems. Ultimately, he credits his wife, Nicole Kidman with saving his life when they tied the knot four years ago.

The country superstar had previously been to rehab multiple times for drug and alcohol related addictions. He finally reached the end of his rope a mere four months after saying “I do” in 2006. Kidman, close friends and family staged an intervention to deal with Urban’s issues. Realizing the severity of the situation, he canceled a show and went into treatment the same day of the intervention. He explains, “I was like, ‘Put the cuffs on. Let’s go!'”

While he entered rehab wholeheartedly he was terrified, yet accepting of the fact that Kidman might have left him, explaining, “Well that’s the point right there where she should have just walked. Not should have, that’s not the right word, but I would have understood if she had. Of course… I’m just glad she didn’t.”

Urban entered rehab for substance abuse for the last time four years ago. As for what he was abusing, Urbans says, “Everything. Alcohol and cocaine predominantly. It wouldn’t have mattered what it was, it was a huge hole in my life that was gonna be filled by the right thing eventually, or it was always going to be the wrong thing.

Kidman also joined her husband on the show to show her support. She spoke predominately about their love and solid marriage, among other things. Eventually, Kidman started bawling when Oprah read Usban’s dedication to her in his new album sleeve, Get Closer.

The words, “No one has ever, or will ever, love you as much I do”, really got to the actress and she said between tear drops, “Stop. Ok. It gets me.” I think that part really got to everyone who watched the show, not just Kidman!

Love has held these two kids together and Urban is now clean and sober. He also plans to stay that way. We commend him for his hard work and wish him only good things!

In addition to his very powerful interview, the country star performed his newest single “Put You in a Song” from his latest album, Get Closer.