It seems amazing how often you hear the word rehab in celebrity Gossip columns. It is as if every time you hear this popular term, rehab, with the name of a celebrity, those mentioned are instantaneously lost in a vat of members of the popular community who will forever be remembered for just one thing – that time they were “junkies”. Usually, reporters/paparazzi search for one bad characteristic and then build and build and build off of it – similar to the behavior of a parasite. BUT this time, Demi Lovato breaks this social norm and is shown… mercy?

According to her publicist, Demi Lovato has entered rehab for “emotional and physical issues” ( Automatically, we are all enticed to believe that Lovato is a “drug mongering tramp, with no place in children’s media” – a quote made by my mother, when I told her the news. But it seems that Lovato doesn’t fit the beloved drugged-up children’s star schema we all love to hear about. After a fight with one of the members of her staff, Lovato decided to enter herself into a center to deal with her “emotional and physical issues.” It was later revealed that Lovato’s publicist made a bit of an understatement regarding her condition. reports that Lovato’s “emotional and physical issues actually” include a series of “self mutilations (cutting) and an eating disorder.” I’m not sure why the publicist decided to hide this from Lovato’s fan base. We feel a huge sense of understanding and remorse. Lovato, who has been pressured into show business from a young age, has, basically, been destined to this child-star lifestyle of “emotional and physical issues.” Poor girl skipped out on her childhood to be in the children’s television series Barney & Friends (2003), and has been promoting her career ever since. Our bets were on a rehab-laden future after being stuck with Barney for an extended period of tim…

We can only hope that Lovato recovers from the predictable stage of emotional rehabilitation and returns to a satisfying life in show business.

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