When you visit Vegas, you expect your chip account to rise but not the hair in the back of your neck. Believe or not, Las Vegas is not only famous for gambling, parties, and wedding chapels, but also for its paranormal occurrences. Many casinos along the Strip have the reputation of being hot spots for ghastly activity, drawing costumers who look for a taste of the netherworld in. If you have nerves of steel and are interested in supernatural encounters, you might want to check these hotels out:

Bally’s Casino: Although most staff will not comment about the spectral activity for fear of hurting profits, the Bally’s is considered the most actively haunted location of them all. The haunting of the Bally’s is directly related to one of the worst disasters that have happened on Nevada in last 50 years. In 1980, the prestigious and recently built MGM Grand Hotel stood in the place where the Bally’s is now. This hotel had the reputation of being one of the most luxurious establishments ever to be built in Vegas history. However, just as the magnificent Titanic has a fatal flaw, the MGM was designed without fire sprinklers.

On a fatidic November morning, a fire that started in the casino’s deli managed to end the life of 84 people. Some were burned to death, some asphyxiated, and some poor souls plummeted to their deaths after being trapped on the highest floors of the casino. The inferno left the hotel in such poor shape that it was demolished a couple of months after. The lot was sold and the Bally’s Hotel and Casino opened in 1985. The mysterious events started shortly after. In the higher floors, guests usually hear people crying and screaming. In the 7th floor, many people have heard a young boy weeping for his mother.

Several apparitions have been seen by hotel staff and costumers. A translucent greenish blue lady is a common sight in the halls, and, around the slots area, another woman appears surrounded by a vile smelling smoke while fire consumes the tail of her dress. Many people have tried to approach her, but she fades away upon intent.

Along with the phantasmagorical voices, the 7th floor also has its share of full-fledged ghosts. Many people claimed to see a suffering elderly couple perambulating the halls. The man tries to protect his wife from an unseen danger (maybe the fire fumes?) as they disappear into a wall eternally reliving their last moments together.

The Flamingo Hotel: Besides being a defining landmark in Vegas, the Flamingo Hotel is famous for being the home of a celebrity spirit: notorious mobster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel. He has the reputation of being one of the most feared hitmen in the entire mob scene. Incidentally, he is also recognized for being one of the founding fathers of Las Vegas when he decided to build the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Known for his explosive character, Bugsy made a lot of Hollywood connections and settled for the next four years in the presidential suite of the hotel, which he erected alongside his mobster friends and William Wilkerson. He equipped the suite with bulletproof windows and five exits in order to protect him from any hit. However, while visiting the house of his girlfriend Virginia Hill, he was gunned to death on account of stealing money from the mob.

According to many witnesses, the spirit of Bugsy is seen in several locations of the hotel. He has been seen in the suite’s bathroom and near the pool table. Poltergeist activity has also been reported in the room as objects move by themselves. Also, Bugsy is known for appearing to customers around the Flamingo pool late at night. In all his appearances, he seems happy to be around; perhaps he wanted to go back to the iconic place where he spends so many happy moments.

Hungry for more ghostly details? Other hotels famous for their run-ins with the afterworld are Whiskey Pete’s where the deceased Whiskey Pete himself likes to oversee players in the casino tables and the haunted and presumably cursed Luxor Hotel where the souls of construction workers still wonder the halls after many accidents that occurred when building the establishment. Are you spooked yet? Or are you still planning to go ghost hunting? Then go to Silver Oaks casino and practice your gambling skills so you can take Vegas by storm!


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