Hulk Hogan is a married man, for the second time. Some weddings are more memorable than others, and not always in such a good way. Mr. & Mrs. Hogan have the kind of memories that are the things of wedding planner’s nightmares.

According to reports, “Hulk Hogan was exchanging vows with girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel at his Clearwater, Fla., home Tuesday evening, when a fight broke out after a money-shot-seeking paparazzo apparently got too close for the comfort of the Hulkster’s security detail.”

OMG, I might faint. The poor bride! No one will even care what label her gown was!

The wrestling legend (real name Terry Bollea) married his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, at his Clearwater, Florida residence on Tuesday evening. In the true Hogan spirit, the wedding quickly turned very dramatic and chaotic. Police had to be called to break up a fight between a paparazzo and one of Hogan’s beefy bodyguards.

Exact details are not 100% clear this time, so we hope there is a reality show in the works that caught this going down. The brawl reportedly started when a photographer became a bit too physical with the help. Apparently photographer Robert Martinez pressed his arm up against the throat of a beefy body guard who kindly asked him to leave the premises.

Then, Martinez reportedly shouted, “I’m packing a gun.” According to various outlets, Martinez’s video camera was taping during the incident, which will provide police with some interesting evidence.

Police confirmed that they were called to an incident and that there was a firearm involved. No arrests have been made at this time.

Hulk took to his Twitter account later in the evening messaging his fans,  ‘Man, when you least expect it, it still gets crazy as he’ll [sic]. What a day! HH.’ Shortly after that post he tweeted a picture of his diamond encrusted wedding band announcing, ‘This time were (sic) really gonna make history!”

The Hogan wedding was quite intimate with only family and close friends present, including Hulk’s two children Brooke, 22 and Nick, 20.

The couple have been dating since early 2008 and McDaniel eerily resembles his daughter Brooke. McDaniel and Hogan announced their engagement in December 2009.

We wish you the best of luck and a drama free marriage!!!