Plus – What’s the deal with Beyonce’s mom denying her daughters pregnancy?

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is celebrating the big 3-0 in what we’d like to call – Delirious Decadence. So, we know the drill – a diamond is a girl’s best friend, diamonds are forever and all that jazz but a diamond encrusted birthday cake with an estimated value of over one million dollars?  We understand that 30 is probably a hard year for Kim but seriously – is she insane?   Reportedly, the cake is being commissioned by restaurateur Nino Slimaj and a well-known New York jeweler.  The duo is apparently trying to break the $1.65 million dollar cake record.  Kim is set to have her birthday at the exclusive Glo Nightclub in Westbury, NY.

Being a true lover of all things revolved around winning lumps of cash, we can all appreciate what it would be like to win a one-million dollar casino jackpot, and I’m so sure that we’d all spend that money a heck of a lot better than on a birthday cake.  Maybe pay off some bills, a mortgage, treat our loved ones to some fancy toys…  But an edible cake? Seriously.  According to a nightclub spokesperson, the cake is going to be encrusted with loose diamonds.  All we can say is that we hope those aren’t blood diamonds.  That said,  what we all wouldn’t do for a piece of that cake… or the chance to slap Kardashian upside the head.

Update! — What’s Up With Beyonce’s Mom Saying She’s NOT Pregnant??

Now – in other news, a small and interesting update to our earlier post about Beyonce’s baby bump.   Apparently the pop star’s mother is claiming that Beyonce is NOT preggers.  Tina Knowles went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show claiming that if Beyonce was pregnant all the times the media says she was, that she’s have 5-6 grandchildren.    US Weekly apparently sticks to their story.   Perhaps Beyonce’s mom is pushing her to have an abortion and playing a really dirty card here?  What are your bets on?  We’ll keep you updated with the latest news!

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