Although things have definitely changed over the last decade or so, gambling has always been thought to be a male dominated field. Nevertheless, as the world walks slowly to a more gender balanced society, the amount of women gamblers has risen. Also, the appearance of online gambling has contributed to boost the number of female participants getting in on the action. Perhaps, the reason behind this virtual surge is the fact that, in live gambling, some gamblers sadly still have somewhat of a stigma when it comes to female players. Therefore, some ladies feel less disturbed playing in a stress free anonymous environment where they can learn and practice without being hassled.

Nevertheless, the prevalent belief in the mainstream is that women bettors are rare birds and not as skilled as the rest of the gambling folk. However, the believed “scarcity” of female players compared to male ones is no attest of the technical prowess of one gender over the other. In fact, several studies have confirmed that when it comes to betting, women might generally have an edge over their masculine counterparts.

According to psychologists, the first reason why women generally win more than men is the fact that they are less egotistical when it comes to playing the game. Men tend to have a more do or die attitude when it comes to gambling. In addition, they see their competition in terms of a hierarchy, so they are constantly worried about placing themselves in the top positions and how they measure up in the general ranking. This competitive drive can distract them from the actual play or have their egos influence them into some pretty bad gambling decisions.

Women, on the other hand, are drawn to the social side of gambling. They approach it as a social experience where they can have fun, talk to people, and make some money on the way. This lighthearted attitude also makes most women more frivolous when it comes to their loss/win ratio. They understand that betting encompasses both winnings and losses. For example, if a woman is losing, she would not obsess so much about winning back her money, like a man with a hurt ego would try to do. She would approach the issue more rationally and know better when to quit.

Yet, it does not mean that women are not assertive when it comes to taking decisions on the casino floor or even on the horse track. In fact, women tend to be the most aggressive betters. They are quicker on their feet and tend to make a better profit because of it, not to say that they bet impulsively. Women tend to better consider the risk factors and bet constantly but on a cool head. Oppositely, men tend to be more impetuous with their wagers and are more likely to bet larger sums and throw strategy out the window.

As the research shows, a woman’s touch might be golden when it comes to gambling! Anyways, it is important to consider that these are general facts and, at the end, your success in playing is mostly derived from your personality and the amount of practice and information you have under your belt! So scoot over Silver Oak to practice on our many games or make a quick buck on the real money tables!


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.