Our favorite little ex-train wreck is taking huge steps in the right direction!

Various sources are reporting that Lindsay Lohan had some kind of dental surgery this week. Insiders explain that Lohan has become extremely dedicated to working the program and her rehabilitation. Insiders report that the one time Karen Walker wannabe refused to take any medication because she did not want to take any controlled substances- Which would ruin all of her hard work.

Kudos Lindsay…You should be extremely proud of yourself!

As noted earlier this week- The Lohan family is slowly piecing itself back together. It’s rumored that the professionals at the Betty Ford center have been “encouraging” Lohan to get her parents in a room which would help resolve past demons that may have led Lindsay to her destructive ways.

Hmmmm… I wonder if Doctor Phil or Oprah are considering a Lohan special?

Lohan is being urged to consider her Mom and Dad together during one of Betty Ford’s family week next month. Yikes!

Lindsay’s father Michael appears to be on board with the idea, but Mom Dina isn’t too thrilled with the notion of a reunion with her mortal enemy/ ex-husband.

Dina previously visited her daughter at Betty Ford for a family week last month. Michael plans to go to family week without his ex next week to visit Lindsay.

In other Lindsay Lohan news- It is being reported that Lindsay will step into her working girl boots next week for a big photo shoot. Lohan’s counselors at the Betty Ford Clinic have apparently approved the photo shoot and given their ok.

According to various sources, Lohan will do a photo shoot for a major magazine sometime next week in the Palm Springs area. The photo shoot is a sign that Lohan is acclimating to sober life and doing well in rehab. Lohan is currently residing at a sober house which is part of the Betty Ford program, as a transition to normal life after completing her program.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman explains, “The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she’s taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives.”

Poor thing has been through a lot over the past few year. We really are rooting for you Lindsay… Nothing like a good comeback!