Oh dear. It’s been quite the year for pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Like all those who came before her- She has shed her Disney pre-teen shell and turned into a scandalous bombshell.

It’s been quite the year for the teen sensation. Miley was spotted earlier this year holding a beer in Europe (Ok, legal), and she continuously dresses like a high class prostitute most of the time, her red neck parents are divorcing and now she is taped doing drugs. Well, I guess this scandal is right on schedule. Perhaps even a little bit overdue!

The tape is said to be stolen or copied from Miley’s friend, who taped the bong hitting event a mere five days after Cyrus turned eighteen.

According to various outlets, the smoke Cyrus inhaled was actually completely natural and legal. She is said to have smoked an herb dubbed salvia, which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is completely legal in the state of California.

Mmmm, I think she’s kind of treading the line year. Yes, everything she has done is legal and she is an adult. But, maybe you should just put on some sweats and stay away from the drugs. Especially in public.

Wait a sec, did you hear that? Yes, I did. I can hear the ripping of thousands of Miley Cyrus posters and the screams of pre-teen girls protesting the Miley is awesome and she didn’t break the law. Girls under 18: Cover your midriff and find a more sensible role model.

The video starts with Cyrus taking a toke from the bong. The Bust song ‘Comedown’ was playing in the background and will surely be the most downloaded song this weekend. Pause a few moments…. Miley comes up for air and starts to feel the effects. Girlfriend is hallucinating and imagining things including her on and off beau Liam Hemsworth.

She exclaims, “Oh, I’m not gonna lose it now … I’m going… Having a little bit of a bad trip! Is that a f**king Liam lookalike or what the hell is that? Is that my boyfriend? Is that my boyfriend?

She continues, “Oh my God! He looks so much like him! He looks so much like Liam,” while uncontrollably giggling. She then asked a friend, “Is that me tripping? He doesn’t look like Liam at all? Dude, that looks just like Liam!”

Oh Miley.

The video ends with Miley demanding: “I want more of that s—.”

I look forward to following your years of reckless behavior– Thank you in advance Miley!!!