There have been quite a lot of happy, celebrity engagements this past week, but alas, no weddings bells have rung! Well, this rumor was too wacky, weird and juicy not to dish…

Watch out maids and fellow supermodels!  The mother of all bridezillas is about to be released from the tangles to top modeling, couture and terrifying maids with her cell phone throwing to be a bride. Rumors have sparked that supermodel and Naomi Campbell is set to strut down the aisle in some one of a kind fabulous creation. (Possibly with a blood diamond or two?)

Egyptian media outlets are reporting that Campbell will marry her Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin inside the 3,400 year old Luxor Temple, dedicated to the God of Sun, Amun. According to the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, the wedding is slated to take place on December 7, 2010 in Egypt.

Now that is definitely a unique wedding venue… Kudos on creativity! The guest list is rumored to be very, very fabulous and exclusive. The list is set to include Russian celebrities and business associates, models, designers, various public figures, and a slew of celebrity pals. I would bet anyone who is anyone would be there!

The supermodel and her beau will spend their fabulous honeymoon at the uber fancy Winter Palace Hotel, built in 1886. The hotel has seven beautiful Nile-view suites and is full of terrified maids ready to run from flying cell phones (sorry, we just can’t stop with that.. sorry Naomi)… I wouldn’t gamble that there will be reality show in the cards to document the events leading up to Campbell’s big day. Such a fabrication is just too good to be true.

Campbell’s publicist denied the rumors and issued a statement saying, “There is no truth at all in the stories regarding Naomi getting married.” Apparently the two aren’t even engaged!  Campbell and Doronin began dating in 2008. It’s a bummer that all of the supposed details aren’t true. Hmmm… I wonder if these rumors will spark a real engagement? Or are these two just playing with us?!

Campbell got her start as the first African American model to appear in Vogue magazine in 1988 which set her supermodel status.