The holidays are fast approaching and our favorite day time diva is spreading the love. Yes, Oprah’s Favorite Things Episode!

It’s so good. Every year I feel like I’m one of those cardigan wearing lucky ladies jumping up and down. This year, somehow, it’s even better. Oprah actually needed two days to give away her favorite things!!!

Part 1 of her annual “Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things” episode was aired yesterday. In case you didn’t know about her annual episode, Oprah gives audience members thousands of dollars worth of merchandise– also her most favorite personal items.

The Favorite Things episode is always a surprise to her lucky audience members. This particular audience thought that they were attending an episode about mediation. Oprah began her show saying, “One of the best ways we can prepare for giving is meditation.” She then asked the audience how many of the audience members mediate. A small number of people raised their hands.  Winfrey was wearing a black ensemble and ripped it off and yelled, “Meditate on this!” to reveal a glittering red gown underneath and an announcement that they were the lucky audience to be invited to receive her “Favorite Things!”

Oprah joked, “Hold on to yourself, it’s a long hour!” Winfrey said she “saved the best for the farewell season,” and girlfriend was not messing around.

This show is pretty damn overwhelming to watch, let alone attend. Medics were on hand in case any of the audience members passed from all of the hoopla out as Oprah’s “FedEx Elves” passed out the goodies.

Audience members left Chicago with freebies including including a Nikon camera priced in the $700 range and a Philip Stein diamond studded watch.. to name a couple…

After 20 items were announced and the audience was growing hoarse from all of the screaming, a mystery box was wheeled on stage.Winfrey opened the box and enormous inflatable cruise ship inflated. The audience jumped up and down, hugged strangers, and squealed with delight as Winfrey announced that everyone was invited on an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise.

Lucky audience member Marlene Scott gushed, “Oprah was as excited as we were. She’s a billionaire and can have anything she wants, but she was genuine and personal with everyone.”

To end the show, The Black Eyed Peas performed. Folks, this was only day one. Set your TIVO’s for Monday when another deserving studio audience is surprised with more amazing “Favorite Things.” Guest stars also include: Josh Groban and Johnny Mathis.

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