Fans of poker movies know all too well that Hollywood has done a mediocre job of filming authenticity compared to drama. Sure, it’s amusing to see four-of-a-kind lose to a straight flush on the most important hand of the main characters life, but poker players know how unrealistic that is. Many recent movies have attempted to take this into account and the success of Rounders has had a huge impact on the way modern day film makers choose to write and shoot scenes from the felt.

The following are the top 5 movie scenes (we could find footage of on youtube) of the poker-film world.

5) This clip from Tombstone makes the grade for multiple reasons. The acting in this movie is awesome. That’s not surprising given the fine cast but Kilmer really nails this role. The poker dominance combined with extreme alcoholism in this scene is perfect cocktail of acting/poker wizardry.

4) A classic scene from the from The Cincinnati Kid. It is truly one of the originals that stirred our cultures proverbial (poker) pot. Lots has since changed in what the poker savvy would consider a “realistic portrayal” but given the era, this was the Rounders of the 60’s.

3) This clip makes the cut because of it’s ironic circumstance. A group of young celebrities playing rookie level 5 card stud who happen to be acquainted with two random dudes who in real life are astronomically more notorious than the lot. At any rate, it’s a good scene from the movie Ocean’s Eleven.

2) You can’t out hustle a hustler. This scene is from the 1973 con movie called The Sting starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It highlights the darker side of the game where card manipulation and various forms of cheating are used to gain what each player feels is an unbeatable edge.

1) Rounders set the bar for modern poker movies. It revolutionized the way the genre was shot and told. Considering it had gained cult-classic status by the time Moneymaker and 2003 rolled around, it is arguable that the way the industry is today is due in large part to the influence this movie had on the poker business. The entire film could be slotted into this #1 spot but this clip (edited on youtube) has some sweet audio bonuses! Enjoy