Ever since the first violent video game was released (Death Race 2000, 1976) the media, religious life-haters, mothers and morons have crucified video games as the catalyst for every violent (or antisocial) act committed on American soil.

While it’s impossible to truly understand how the mind of a right-wing religious zealot works, I think I’ve sussed out their train of logic: They believe all humans are weak, incapable of making moral or rational decisions and are perpetually susceptible to “monkey see, monkey do” syndrome.

Since America and Religion are perfect, no human would ever do anything as horrible as hurting another person, anyone committing any violent act must have been coerced and trained to do it by playing video games.

Clearly the Inquisition, crusades, labeling of Natives as “animals without souls” and Rwanda were all a result of too much chess being played.

Below you’ll see my infographic looking at the history of violence in video games, and trying to find any sort of evidence which correlates violent acts with violent video games.

Note: the infographic below is a combination of graphics, video and code.


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