You may remember a headline news story back in April of this year when Phillip Markoff (aka the Craigslist Killer) was arrested for murdering a prostitute he found on Craigslist.  Despite being on his way to being a doctor and a husband (he was in medical school and was engaged at the time), Markoff is now accused of robbing 2 different call girls and murdering a third.

While many people found it hard to believe that this clean cut med student would be capable of such heinous crimes, the evidence was quickly stacked against him.  Not only did investigators find video footage of him at the scene of the crimes, they found a bag containing the underwear of all three victims stashed underneath his bed.

It looks like Mr. Markoff may be going away for a long time.  That’s why, according to prison officials, Phillip Markoff has taken up poker to pass the time in the Big House.

“He plays every night”, according to to one source from the jail where  Markoff is being held.

I guess if you’re looking at decades in prison, it makes sense to take up a hobby.  But if you would rather learn how to play some video poker, you don’t have to be Markoff’s cellmate.  Download a bunch of free video poker games by clicking on the big Play Now button below!

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