A few days ago I posted an entry about the current situation affecting online payment provider eWalletXpress and its US customers. The word around the forums was that eWalletXpress had its funds seized by the United States Federal Government and that their services were down. However, there was no mean to prove this as the company had no released a clarifying statement and players felt like their money was in the federal government limbo.

Earlier this week eWalletXpress finally issued a statement communicating their customers that the company will no longer provide services to US citizens. The statement read “We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to continue service at this time due to a Federal warrant issued to seize our funds.” The company also said that customers who had pending funds in their accounts will be able to claim their money back and that this will be effective once all “technical issues” are solved. There were no specifications on what the technical issues where or on how long it will take to resolve them.

Players should not worry about whether they will get their money back, going off eWalletXpress’ reputation we can infer that the money will be returned eventually. The main issue is how long it will take the company and the US Federal Government to work out an agreement and get the money back. eWalletXpress has already backed out of the US market and that is probably a good step towards negotiation on the issue.

It is frustrating to see one more efficient electronic payment serice provider leave the US arena due to unclear regulation. eWalletXpress has joined other payment service providers like PayPal, Moneybookers and NETeller in leaving the US market.We hope that the situation will be resolved promptly and that a relevant legislation will come to the US soon enough.