For sale: Sequined glove. Not sure where the other one is. Cost: $48,000.

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, you can take a break from the video poker machines and Blackjack in the casino and take a peek at the only $48,000 glove you’re likely to ever see. People say the best career move a celebrity can ever make is to die prematurely. And that certainly seems to be the case for Michael Jackson. Beset by a massive and growing debt for the last 10+ years of his life, the King of Pop’s estate is now a money making machine. And even people who aren’t associated with him are able to cash in.

Michael Jackson was long known for his eccentric fashion, best symbolized by the single white glove he frequently wore in concert. A number of the gloves have been auctioned off over the years, but none have ever made the kind of money this most recent sale did.

In 1996, MJ tossed one sequined glove to a lucky fan. It was the same one he wore when he got married to Debbie Rowe earlier in the day, which no doubt added to its collectibility. And now, thirteen years later, Michael Jackson’s glove has just sold at auction for that hefty $48,000 price tag. Not bad, considering it doesn’t even have a partner.

It was bought by a representative of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The chain of hotels and casinos has been a long time collector or rock n’ roll memorabilia, with a collection that includes things like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, Elton John’s sunglasses and Mick Jagger’s dentures. The glove will be put on display where it’s hoped it will attract lots of the musician’s fans, who will then eat, drink and gamble enough to justify the hefty price tag.

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