For all NETeller users out there, I have some good news regarding the quality of the services that the company will be offering from now on. NETeller usually updates its customers through a blog site in which they also explain how to get the greatest benefits form using this payment method. If you have not been following the news, then you might want to go to their website and subscribe to the updates.ubscribe to these blogs so that they do not have to keep on accessing the web site.

Anyway, earlier this week NETeller released a new blog entry in which it was announced that their services have been improved, particularly or VIP players who need to exchange currency in their online financial transactions. As most casinos accept payments in USD or Euros, this is great news for players in Asia and Latin America.

NETeller usually charges a transaction fee of $2.95 in these cases and VIP players get a better rate of 1.5%. The way in which this worked was that the VIP members would be charged the full fee on their first transaction and would be given a rebate of 1.45% the next month. VIP members are also exempt from withdrawal fees, but in the same way they were charged the full fee in the first transaction and received a rebate one month later.

The change that NETeller has implemented is on the system of rebates, the VIP members are now guaranteed to be charged the correct amount upfront. This will be applied to both deposits and withdrawals transactions, so VIP members will not be paying any fees at the time of withdrawal. The one clarification that is made is that for foreign exchange and withdrawal transactions from NET + point of sale and ATM transactions will still have the rebate system enforced.

So for all the players who are not VIP members, it would be incredibly beneficial if you decided to join. In order to become a NETeller VIP member you would need to transfer $6,000 to online merchants on a monthly basis for a consecutive 90-day period. After that, to maintain the VIP status you would have to transfer $3,000 to online merchants on a monthly basis for a consecutive 90-day period.

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