Update: The NCAA has now officially banned all championship games from taking place in states which allow single game sports betting.  Instead of waiting for the due process of the courts, the NCAA has taken a vigilante approach to punish states which they deem to have disagreeable betting laws.

Philadelphia Eagles fans rejoice!  Delaware, a state best known for being extremely small and a legal/tax haven for corporations, now has a great reason to visit- legal sports betting.

As I wrote last week, Delaware was trying to legalize sports betting, much to the chagrin of the professional sports leagues.  Well, it is now officially legal to place single bets (non-parlay bets) on your favorite sports teams from within state lines.

Not surprisingly, 4 professional sports leagues (the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB) and the NCAA have come together to file a federal lawsuit against Delaware in an attempt to stop the sports gambling from taking place altogether.

While the professional sports leagues have long held that the legalization of betting on their games would lead to corruption and foul play, they had to come up with a challenge based on the law in order to make sports betting illegal in Delaware once again.

Lawyers for the sports leagues argue that, because Delaware’s constitution states that gambling must be based on luck rather than skill, only parlay bets should be permitted.

If you ask me, parlay bets rely on luck just as much or more than bets on single games.  If you have the luck to choose the winner of one game, isn’t it then luckier to choose the winner of two?

Either way, the trial date is set for December 7th, giving skillful gamblers at least most of the football season to lay their wagers on the table.

What do you think?  Is betting on sports more luck or more skill?  Should sports betting be legal in Delaware and/or everywhere else?  Weigh in now in the comment section below!

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Jeff White

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