Hi readers, I do not know why I missed this topic in the news last week but I still think it is important to bring it up. Silver Oak Casino accepts eWalletXpress as a payment option because we believe in their honest and reliability as electronic payment services providers.

The word around the forums is that a lot of customers have had problems with their funds on eWalletXpress and some believe that they have disappeared. The situation is not that simple and eWalletXpress did not run away with anyone’s funds, furthermore the US Federal Government has seized all funds from eWalletXpress by law enforcement.

Currently, all players are unable to deposit or cashout funds. Most online gambling rooms that accepted eWalletXpress have stopped doing so and all pending cashouts have been reversed. “We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to continue service at this time due to a federal warrant issued to seize our funds […],” read the email the eWalletXpress team sent out.

The same thing happened to Neteller in 2007, all players’ funds were seized by the US Federal Government and two of the owners were arrested. After about a year of negotiations Neteller agreed to pay a fine and do other arrangements to release player funds. Those were stressful times for US players as some of them had up to $100,000 in Neteller accounts at the time of seizure.

The online gaming industry fully understands the players’ concern over the funds that were seized and hopes that eWalletXpress will pull the right strings and negotiate well in the process of getting players’ funds so that they manage to do so as soon as possible. We are more than sorry for this huge inconvenience and ask you to please keep us up to date with any developments.