Let’s talk about the 0 00 roulette wheel, because there is something to be said for this layout. Let’s start with the following: the house has no statistical advantage when it comes to roulette. That’s right. The edge for the player is the same as the casino. It’s completely neutral… except for those pesky ‘0’ and ’00’ slots. They are the only things standing in the way of a pile of riches.

The 0 and 00 slots are ultimately responsible for all of the money that casinos rake in from roulette tables. In this blog post we will take a look the 0 00 roulette table situation to investigate the exact nature of the house’s advantage, and how that will relate to your gambling experience.

Roulette Wheel: 0 00 is the House Edge

A roulette wheel pays out 35-1 for any single number. The 0 roulette wheel slot allows the house to pay out slightly less money than it takes in, because it is he 36th slot. Likewise for the 00 roulette wheel slot, which occupies the 37th slot.  That is how the house makes money over the long run: by grinding against all the players, slowly but surely (usually) cleaning up whenever either one of those two slots happens to hit.

In Europe, the single 0 roulette wheel slot has been the standard since roulette was popularized, and you can still find it there to this day. The 00 slot, however, is an entirely different story.

The 0 00 Roulette Table – American Layout

The 0 00 roulette table, as opposed to the single 0 roulette table, is an American invention. The reason for the 00 slot, like many things in the world of live action gaming or online gaming, is to allow the house to make more money.

In fact, in some early American casinos, there was even an additional  (larger) slot that was reserved for the ‘American Eagle,’ which was yet another slot reserved for taking money from the gamblers. As you might have guessed, the public was not so fond of the American Eagle slot, and it faded from use in American casinos, gradually being standardized into the 0 00 roulette tables you see ubiquitously in Vegas and across the States. These days, most people simply accept the extra 00 slot, but since there are still European casinos that offer the single 0 slot variety of roulette, many are slightly loath to do so.

After all, one is  better than two.

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