As a responsible gambler, a player should know when they are not performing optimally and should start thinking about quitting the tables. Of course, there are ways to improve your gambling habits but there are some signs that will tell you that you have been going in the wrong direction so far.

Here are 5 giveaway signs that could hint that you are not that much of a good casino player.

1.    You keep hoping to get even but you just have not got there: If it has not happened yet and it only keeps getting worse, there is a very slim (close to nonexistent) chance that you will manage to break even.

2.    You gamble when you feel angry/depressed/tired: There is a high chance that when your emotional state is not optimal you are not able to either concentrate on the game or make good decision when gambling. This bad habit could result in constant big losses for you; try gambling when you feel better.

3.    If you have not been able to identify “the fish” at the table yet: This probably means you are the fish at the table.

4.    You always end up betting more than you can afford: Not only does this mean that you are losing a lot of money, but also that you are getting into unhealthy, irresponsible, compulsive gambling habits.

5.    If you think the big blind is a large-sized man who cannot see: If that statement did not make you at least giggle it is because, either I am not funny, or you should just close down this tab and do some research before you continue gambling.

If you happen to fit into any of those categories we recommend that you do a little research if you feel strongly about gambling and want to keep on doing it. Otherwise, it makes no sense for you to go to casinos to just gamble all of your money away!

Remember, you should be gambling for fun in a responsible way. As long as you feel like you are enjoying the activity instead of it becoming a burden, you are on the right track.