We’re all too familiar with the workings of Simon Cowell’s mouth, but it turns out that one of his more underused body parts works too – his legs. Tonight on American Idol, he got on his feet to give a standing ovation to Adam Lambert’s rendition of “Mad World”. The song, and his reaction, were a highlight of a somewhat tepid episode.

The concept of tonight’s show seemed to have a fair bit of promise, with each pre-Idol choosing a song from their birth year to perform. But while this gave them an opportunity to really roll the dice and try to find the perfect song, they mostly followed the safe and boring path. Lil Rounds went with the pretty obvious choice of “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, Allison Arehata gave “I Can’t Make You Love Me” it’s ten thousandth airing on American Idol, while Matt Giraud dulled up “Part-Time Lover”.

Seeing Simon give a standing “O” for one of the only times in American Idol history was something to see though. But tonight’s episode does leave us with a couple important questions, starting with who will be eliminated. My money’s on Scott MacIntyre. The other important question – was Simon’s out-of-character extreme positivity just a result of him dipping into whatever it is Paula Abdul is sipping during the commercial breaks?

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Peter Alexander

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