So far, the new movie Bruno, from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen looks like a hit, with a $30 million opening weekend. But controversy is already swirling around the movie, in the form of a lawsuit filed by a bingo-hall employee. About a month ago, Richelle Olson sued Cohen and NBC, claiming that one of the pranks filmed for the movie resulted in her being injured badly enough to be confined to a wheelchair. She claimed that the character of Bruno showed up as the celebrity guest at a bingo game, and proceeded to deliberately cause a ruckus in order to film it and put it in the movie. Her complaint also stated that she was physically attacked by several cameramen involved in the shoot.

But when videotaped evidence clearly showed she was lying about being attacked, she didn’t miss a beat. Instead, she re-filed a new lawsuit, saying that while nobody involved in the movie had physically attacked her, they had used such vulgar and and offensive language that she’d begun crying so hard she lost consciousness and hurt herself falling to the ground. And no, I’m not making this up.

The whole thing does make me think that bingo halls can be hazardous places, full of vulgar language and lawsuit-happy employees. So it would probably be best to scratch your bingo itch from the comfort of your own home, by playing Bonus Bingo in our online casino.

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