In historical reality, Ceasar’s Empire stretched from the north of what is now England, into Egypt and all the way east to where Iran is now. But there’s another vast land holding that is now, this month, about to fall under the sway of the mighty Caesar…the mighty nation of Canada. There is currently a campaign afoot to declare the Caesar to be Canada’s official cocktail. Of course, for most of our readers who haven’t spent time in Canada or the UK, the idea of the Caesar might seem strange or even somewhat disgusting. Why? Because a Caesar is just like a Bloody Mary, but with the addition of delicious clam juice.

Contrary to what you might have expected, this addition of crushed seafood to an otherwise normal drink took Canada by storm. It was first consumed 40 years ago this year, in Calgary, Alberta. And Canadians have been chugging them back ever since. For our readers outside Caesar’s Empire, you won’t find these delicious cocktails at any bar or club. But they’re easy enough to make at home, with a shot of vodka, a little Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, a generous serving of Clamato juice and garnished with celery. And don’t worry, they’re much more delicious than they sound.

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Peter Alexander

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