You might have already suspected this, but finding out for sure might still creep you out. An article posted today on states that half the casinos on the Las Vegas strip pump designer fragrances onto their gaming floors. Research has shown that pleasant smells increase the amount of time people will spend in a casino, and the amount they’ll gamble.

Personally, I find the whole thing a little weird. And it makes me happy that I can gamble at home, where the only odors I have to contend with come from the corndogs I have warming in the oven. Why do I find it weird? For one, casinos should smell like stale cigarettes, cheap cologne and spilled bourbon. And two, there’s something a little Brave New World about using designer fragrances to manipulate people into gambling more than they would normally want to. Of course, I’m not someone who exactly needs to be chemically tricked into playing a lot, so what do I know?

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Peter Alexander

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