So you’re down in Las Vegas cruising around the hottest casino and looking for stars. From seeing all the Vegas party pics on TMZ, you know those celebrities are around somewhere… but where?

There’s no doubt that celebrities like to gamble. You see them playing poker on TV all the time, they flock to Vegas like moths to a flame and they obviously have lots of disposable income. But if you cruise around a Vegas gaming floor you have a better chance of spotting a virgin than a bonafide celebrity.

The reason they’re so elusive is, of course, because everybody wants to see them. That’s why celebrities go to the casinos that will cater to their every whim – especially the desire for privacy. Most major casinos, or at least the ones that the very famous frequent, will set up table games in a private area. And I’m not just talking about a VIP area, this is actually a private room where only the celeb and their entourage can play. Which might sound fun, but really, isn’t half the fun of Vegas watching all the other freaks get their gamble on?

But if you are determined to see how Ben Affleck plays suited connectors, your best bet is to look for a celebrity poker tournament. They’re a dime a dozen these days, but they’ll cost you considerably more than a dime to buy-in.

All in all, when I hit the casino I’m there for the games, not celeb-hunting. And if you’re the same then come on in to our online casino and try your luck right now.

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Peter Alexander

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