Eva Longoria looked as if she had walked onto the wrong set yesterday when she appeared on the David Letterman show in a minuscule tuxedo that barely covered her curvaceous body.

Letterman, 63 joked, ‘that’s only part of a tuxedo’, as he couldn’t keep his eyes off her bare flesh in the swooping jacket and tiny hotpants. Even more of the Desperate Housewive stars’ skin was exposed as her button almost burst open in front of the talk show host (and millions of viewers)!

The actress screamed ‘Oh my button!’ before checking that she wouldn’t be making the front pages of the newspapers the next day, I’m sorry… but you didn’t see anything.

Letterman responded in his usual sarcastic manner ‘Oh lord, we’re going to lose our liquor licence.’

Eva was in New York city for more than just a seat on Letterman’s notorious chair as she is promoting her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family & Friends.

The Hispanic beauty told how ‘I could fillet a fish before I was seven. Yes, I cook. Half [of the recipes] are from my family, I grew up eating Mexican food and then American food, so there’s a mixture in the book.’

Eva admits that is quite the whiz in the kitchen

She said how her favorite dishes to cook include tortilla soup and guacamole. ‘You have to have good avocados [to make guacamole] and I put in onion, cilantro, and lemon and salt – but don’t add garlic or mayonnaise!’

Eva has played the feisty and glamorous Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives for the past seven years and it seems there is still a lot more drama to come. ‘We’ve almost finished negotiating so we’ll be coming back with season eight and nine hopefully soon’, she said.