If you’re someone who likes to scour online casinos looking for the video poker game with the best odds, look no further. Bonus Deuces Wild features the lowest house odds, and that means you’ll win more when you play!

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Like with all our online video poker games, the basic rules of Bonus Deuces Wild are super easy to learn. You’re dealt a hand of five cards. You choose how many you want to hang onto, anywhere from zero to all five, then re-deal. Then you win different amounts based on the best poker hand you were dealt. In Bonus Deuces Wild, like the name implies, 2’s are wild, which makes it easier to hit lots of big hands. There is some strategy to learn about what hands you should be trying for. It’s pretty easy though, and you can get all the basics with our free cheat cheat, available here.

If you prefer your video poker action fast and furious, then be sure to check out the multi-hand option available in this game. The idea is that you can play up to 100 hands at once, instead of just one. When you play multi-hand, you’re still dealt the original hand of five cards. You then choose which cards to hold onto, and which to discard, then hit the “Deal” button for the re-deal. At that point, the game deals you out the number of hands you’re playing. So if you’re playing 25 hands, for example, you’ll receive 25 re-deals on your single hand. It’s just as easy to play as single hand, and can pay off with some truly enormous wins!

So if you want a game with the best payouts, and options to play as fast or slow as you want, check out Bonus Deuces Wild. Good luck and have fun!

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