Jude Law and Kevin Spacey took some time away from their busy schedules to join 100 other campaigners last night to fight for the freedom of expression in Belarus.

The protest began outside the PR consultancy firm Grayling, in the center of London, as they tried to put pressure on the company to stop working with the former Soviet Union state.

Other famous faces that could be spotted in the crowd included actor Roger Pack and playwright Sir Tom Stoppard.

Belarus is currently being held under a dictatorship by president Alexander Lukashenko and the actors were protesting for the release of countless political prisoners that are being held in the country’s jails.

Jude is not an uncommon fixture at peace protests as the Sherlock Holmes actor is an ambassador the the Peace One Day charity which aims to stop all wars across the world for just one day every year.

When asked about the situation in Belarus he explained how he thinks that ‘freedom of speech is not just about artistic expression but also about fundamental freedoms. We have the opportunity in this country to be heard and to use our freedom of speech.’

Spacey said that he decided to take action when he heard about the injustices going on in the landlocked country, ‘It’s the only time I’ve read a programme saying nearly every single member of a theatre company has been arrested or imprisoned. It’s our responsibility, therefore, that we speak for those who are less fortunate, especially as fellow Europeans.’

He went on to express how he hopes that ‘this dictator will internationally be recognised for what he’s doing, the tyranny that he’s forcing people to live under.’

Spacey and Law’s movies have now both been banned in Belarus due to their actions against the regime. This has only added even more fuel to the fire as Spacey stated that, ‘They can ban as many films as they want but they will never be able to ban the Belarus people’s right to fight for their freedom and their voices to be heard, and that’s what this protest is about.’