For those of you who believe in extraterrestrial life, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kazakhstan is reported to be about to build an embassy for aliens. No word yet on whether they’ve had a visit from any ambassadors from Outta This World so far, but at least they’re being proactive. According to the recent story in the Kazakh newspaper, Espress K: “the government has allocated a large plot of land in the city of Almaty for the project.”

Now, whether the story is true of not, it does bring up an interesting dilemma. Can other countries afford to ignore the possibility that, if aliens do arrive on earth, their first diplomatic contact will be with Kazakhstan? Or will the Kazakh’s pre-emptive step lead to a 21st century arms race, as countries around the world hurry to finish their own, bigger and better alien embassies? And if there is a whole bunch of new alien embassies being built, what type of bathroom facilities will they need? And what about parking facilities for their spacecraft? Nobody knows what shape or form E.T.s will really take, so preparation will be difficult.

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Peter Alexander

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