A number of high profile celebrities have really pushed the boat out in order to help the shocking Tsunami disaster this week in Japan. They have gone as far as changing their statuses! Justin Bieber Twittered that ‘Japan is one of my favorite places on earth…it’s an incredible culture with amazing people. My prayers go out to them. We all need to help.’ Kim Kardashian wrote that, ‘seeing all of this footage in Japan is devastating! Please help the people of Japan by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.’ Lea Michele from  Glee commented that it was ‘so devastating to hear about the huge earthquake & tsunami Japan. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.’

The charity bracelet

One celebrity however who is doing more than just typing a few words is Lady Gaga. The ‘Poker Face’ singer previously donated 500 million dollars to send aid to the Haiti earthquake victims. Now, she is showing generosity again and coming up with new ways to be charitable. After the horrific events in the Japanese tsunami this week, the eccentric singer has personally designed an exclusive charity bracelet, which will be on sale for 5 dollars.

All proceeds from the bracelet sales will go straight to the Japanese tsunami relief fund. The white bracelet is adorned with the words, “We pray for Japan,” in English and Japanese. It also shows her trademark “monster claw.” Lady Gaga has a personal connection with Japan, as her trusted stylist, Nicola Fornichetti, is half Japanese. Her fashion has a lot of Japanese influence.