She first got attention in the gambling world (and everywhere else) for her hit song “Poker Face”. Now, the pop songstress has showed up in the gaming press for another reason, and it’s one that she can’t be nearly as happy about. Due to the single unfortunate image of Lady GaGa taken from video of her performance at the Glastonbury festival in the UK, rumors have been swirling for quite some time that she might be a hermaphrodite.

We here at Silver Oak Casino would never speculate about whether or not that Lady is really a lady. But we do love a good gamble,so we can tell you that the rumors have led to some wager makers opening up a bet on whether or not she really is a hermaphrodite. Sounds like a safe bet to us, since our friend’s, cousin’s hairdresser knew a guy who slept with her, so we know the truth.

Asked to comment about the internet-fueled speculation, Lady GaGa did what she could to shut it up. She reportedly said that both she and her “beautiful vagina” are offended by the rumors. Of course, since hermaphrodites have vaginas, that doesn’t really answer the question one way or another.

Surprisingly, Lady GaGa isn’t even the most famous potential hermaphrodite in the world right now. After winning the women’s 800m at the most recent Track & Field World Championships, South African runner Caster Semenya is also making headlines for her gender bending. In that case, she set tongues wagging with her, um, less than womanly appearance at the event. After undergoing testing, early reports indicate that Semenya is actually a hermaphrodite.

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