When the Borgata casino in Atlantic City recently hosted a women-only poker tournament, things didn’t quite turn out the way the casino planned. A man defied tradition, if not the law, and entered the tournament as the only man in the 270 player field. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he won.

The party-pooper’s name is Abraham Korotki and he’s a pretty experienced and skilled player, having previous victories on the WSOP circuit. On that fateful day, though, he’d busted out of an earlier tournament at the casino. But instead of playing a cash game, or waiting for another open tournament to come around, he decided to forgoe general decency and tradition, and play against the ladies.

After several hours of poker, Kortki wound up heads-up against one last player, a woman named Nicole Rowe. She asked him to “chop” the pot, meaning they wouldn’t finish the tournament, but instead split the 1st and 2nd place prize. Her reason? She needed every cent she could get to help pay her living expenses while she recovers from cancer. The chivalrous Korotki refused her request and when he eventually beat her, took the entire winner’s pot all for himself.

It does raise the question of whether casinos are actually allowed to offer gender-specific tournaments. And, according to the law, they can’t. Despite it being unenforceable legally, in the vast majority of cases players respect the women-only rule and don’t play where they’re not welcome. But not Mr. Korotki.

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