If we were crazy enough to stalk a celebrity it would probably be one of the many beautiful and glamorous people that grace the red carpets, certainly not the Facebook founder and ultimate geek Marc Zuckerberg! Zuckerberg has claimed that he has been receiving creepy messages and threats to his safety through Facebook. Zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda who the Facebook creator says tried to “follow, surveil and contact using language threatening his personal safety”. Zuckerberg also said that he had threatened his girlfriend and family and had done more than the occasional Facebook poke. He sent freaky Facebook messages such as, “please help me, then I am ready to die for you” and, “please understand my pain.” The police have said that Pradeep has continued trying to contact Zuckerberg many times by going to a number of Facebook offices in Palo Alto asking for financial help for his family.

Despite the police giving Pradeep a verbal warning to back away from the super nerd, he continued to try to make contact by sending flowers to his home with a letter at the end of last month.

Following a court hearing this month, the judge has given orders that Pradeep cannot go any closer than 300 yards (still seems pretty close) to Zuckerberg or his family. Despite the obvious stress that this has caused one can’t help but think of the slightly amusing irony in this situation and how the creator of this very network has been the culpret of what everyone fears. A recent search has shown that Pradeep appears to have removed his profile once and for all and he has since stated that he never wished to scare anyone and that he was going through some serious problems where he thought that Zuckerberg could ‘give some advice’.